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In this era of short attention spans and constant stimulation, training individuals on almost any subject has become a real challenge. Our games lean on gaming to engage their audience. Spaceplan is our first game to learn Project Management


Boost your Project Management talent!

Our engaging e-learning game will develop your project mangement knowledge and skills while having fun.

Build a business case

Market insights, opportunity & solutions

Project Mandate, Objectives, Timeline

Prototyping, Key Performance Indicators

Initiate the project

Scope, Process, High level plan

Deliverable definition, Planning

Staffing, Budget, Risk management

Implement your plan

Feature list & backlog

Estimates, dependencies, BlockPlan

Development, User Testing, Retrospectives

Become SpacePlan Project Manager

Experience the thrills of managing a creative project, from prototyping to playtesting a Beta version


"Role Play pedagogy has been shown to be effective in reaching learning outcomes in three major learning domains:
affective, cognitive, and behavioral" ( Maier, 2002; Rao & Stupans, 2012).



With SpacePlan, get ready to level up your Project Management game!
For students and professionals. Join our community today!

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